21 Days to be lockdown in your respective homes to save our country. This is a long period but not impossible if we all stay at home to save our family & surrounding but the biggest problem is the supply of foods to all the people in our country  & I think the bakeries of all over India can play a vital role &  provide good relief in overcoming these major obstacles of food in India.

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Since milk & medicine supply are been taken care of by the Govt. (Even the foods as possible) the Mumbai PAV can save India for next 21 days. Since people can at least have Pav with milk in the worst-case scenario. The govt needs to only ensure that the Bakery of all over India is provided with Raw Materials for the next 21 days which will help the people to feed and combat another challenge ‘HUNGER’

Please stay at home & do not go out which will help India to over this crises.

Pls do comment, suggest & give your feedback on the same.

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